About Me

First Things First

Just wanted to first and foremost thank you for visiting my site, it means a lot and if you were able to get through all of the bad grammar, spelling and punctuation you should be now very familiar with the Skinny Fiber pill plus be familiar with my favorite methods of losing weight, keeping it off and staying fresh, feeling good with constant energy, plus I hope you have found some of my cool tasty recipes and free gifts that will help you along your way with your fat loss journey!

If you have any questions what so ever please feel free to contact me, alternatively you can check out the FAQ page which should cover almost every question about Skinny Fiber. But if you want to ask any other questions, related or now or just want to chat, I am available and all ears.

Who Am I 

My name is Jenny Healy, now 41 years of age, I am a stay at home Mom, living in Atlanta, GA with 3 kids and they are my everything, they are my motivation, they get me out of bed in the morning and I basically did all of this for them and to be quite honest if I didn’t do anything about my health a few years ago I probably wouldn’t be here today. I am now SO totally grateful for my health and the life I now live and grateful for the internet to spread positive vibes and messages across the world to fellow stay at home moms who struggle with their weight.

My Story

So I first started the Skinny Fiber diet pill because I was on a quest to better my physiology and feel good about myself because the way I was living as you now know wasn’t doing me any favors what so ever and if I were completely honest with you the amounts I was eating would scare you! – I was overweight, depressed, no self esteem and at an all time low. I had no energy to take care of the kids, had no patients with my husband and basically wanted to die. Lets just say I was feeling worthless and needed a solution.. So now, without boring you will all the details after falling into the rabbit hole of trying different programs, pills, diets, exercise regimes I finally found a safe and natural way to lose the ugly fat from around my body and have been able to keep it off for almost 3 years now thanks to Skinny Fiber and a few of my most well kept “secrets” which I share on this blog.

Basically this blog is to speak to other people who might be in a somewhat familiar circumstance or situation and hopefully I encourage and impower you to make a difference in your own life to further improve not just your own life but the life of those around you.. It brings me great pleasure to share these little pearls of wisdom as I call it, to you and the rest of the world sharing what worked for me and what I found out along the way that can hopefully inspire you to do something about your current situation.

So in short SkinnyFiber.org is a place where you can get some clarity and some answers of which you have been searching for and hopefully encouraging you to share alot of positive energy!

Great meeting you and I wish you all the best on your weight loss journey!